The Friencom FC301 radio provides an RSSI signal output but the manual does not specify the relationship between RX signal strength and the voltage on the RSSI signal output.

I made these measurements by feeding an RF from a signal generator directly into the antenna input of the radio and measuring the RSSI output.

Signal Input RSSI
1 0.2uV 620mV
2 0.4uV 660mV
3 0.8uV 738mV
4 1.6uV 835mV
5 3.2uV 1.0V
6 6.3uV 1.166V
7 12.6uV 1.338V
8 25uV 1.503V
9 50uV 1.637V
9+10dB 160uV 1.924
9+20dB 500uV 2.200
9+30dB 1.6mV 2.344
9+40dB 5.0mV 2.415

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